HPClient: HP, Europe
Task: Regularly transcreate web elements for HP
Scope: Over 170 projects within one year
Workforce: Production team of 5 + assistant
Project life: Few hours to a month

As a Hewlett-Packard Brand Channel Manager I had a dedicated team in Kiev and was responsible for managing short-term projects for successful and on-time delivery for 6 HP hubs in Europe, dealing with over 15 account managers on the client’s side at once. Within one year of production we have completed over 170 HP projects on origination and transcreation of HP creatives, ranging from standard Flash and rich media banners up to Flash/HTML landing pages and microsites.


Every HP campaign would involve a resize, optimization, localization or adaptation of standard or rich media banners batches and transcreation of Flash/HTML landing pages and/or microsites.HP

Please view Flash samples by clicking on the images on the left. Additional screenshots may be viewed at the following links:

>> DP Artist Edition landing page

>> DP Tailored Technology banners

>> DP Entertainment banner

>> SBSO banners

>> Strike banners

>> Media Server banner