I've had the pleasure of working with Lida on two very challenging projects. She is an outstanding producer with an incredible work ethic. She was able to jump into an already fast moving project and manage it without losing her cool. She is also very good at managing multiple resources, clearly outlining deliverables and making sure each team member knows what they need to accomplish and when. I recommend her highly and can't wait to work with her again.

Jennifer Simpson, Sr. Interactive Producer at TAXI (Supervisor), Canada


Lida is an intelligent, pragmatic and skilled project manager. She has strong customer management and communication skills. Lida has repeatedly demonstrated an ability to bring order to time-critical, chaotic or undefined projects. It was a pleasure to work with Lida, and I have no hesitation in recommending her to others.

Eleonor Klepar, Account Director at DDM Studio (Supervisor), Ukraine


Lida is a very detail-oriented person who makes sure that the service level presented to the client is over exceeding the expectations of the client. We have worked together on a couple of projects. When it comes to mobile marketing and advertising she had a track record of maintaining the quality and also made sure that clients are overwhelmed with her performance.

Amr M. El-Messidi, Regional Sales Director at Suomi ME (Partner), UAE


In collaboration with Lida while she worked at DDM on advertising projects for HP PSG, I faced her great performance doing a great job. Responsible, responsive and reliable.

Sabrina Colombo Brugnoni, Account Manager at Publicis Modem (Client), Italy


I had a real pleasure to take part in Lida’s team working on complex and sensitive projects for HP brand. During the period we’ve been in close cooperation aiming at successful delivery of a product Lida has shown her outstanding abilities in every link of delivery chain – whether it is planning, team work coordinating, negotiating with client or problem solving on different stages. Lida has also proven herself as a person with deep knowledge of design principles. Her creative suggestions are surprisingly appropriate and strengthen the visual appearance of a product that leads to perfect results and happy client as well. Lida’s managing skills and experience make her a real leader and a good team-player who inspires team members to create competitive product for companies from Fortune 500 list. Her efforts create evident and sustainable effect for company success and development. I recommend Lida as a reliable and highly experienced person who can really make a management as the state-of-the-art process.

Roman Hultso, Art Director at DDM Studio (Colleague), Ukraine

It was a great pleasure to work with Lida. She is one of the best professionals I've ever met. Lida's unique combination of skills makes her very efficient and successful manager. She definitely knows how to motivate herself and people around her. No matter if you solve some trouble or successfully finalizing the project together with Lida, you will always feel yourself comfortable and successful person if she is around. I also want to admit that Lida is very organized, she knows how to manage large number of tasks, finish them earlier than anyone would expect and leave office on time almost every day. If i will look for someone to suggest something about self organization, Lida definitely will be among the first persons i would ask a question. Not to mention that she is strong-minded, purposeful, highly communicable, proactive and nice person.

Michael Tkachuk, Flash developer at DDM studio (Colleague), Ukraine


It is with great pleasure that I find myself writing this recommendation for Lida. Overall, Lida is highly intelligent and has good analytical skills. Besides being a joy to work with, Lida is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits. She is profoundly dedicated and responsible. Lida is a team player and would greatly contribute to any organization.

Olha Drozd, Account Manager at DDM Studio (Colleague), Ukraine


Lida was one of my favorite project managers, and she is the best I've ever had. Working on HP and Chevrolet projects, we shared the same view on work, that created a very friendly atmosphere. Thou Lida was the only one, who could describe all the needed information briefly and easy to understand. Her politeness and smile enlightened our communication , that was the basis of good work and excellent results.

Alexandra Vasilyeva, Quality Assurance at DDM Studio (Colleague), Ukraine