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Client: Hyundai, Canada
Task: Develop a Flash gadget for YouTube channel + supporting media
Project life: 3 weeks

I was managing a very quick development of several ad units for Hyundai Live Smart campaign: a Flash microsite for YouTube channel, rich media and standard Flash banners, video pre-rolls, mobile ads.

The idea of campaign was to show how much Hyundai cares about environment, so the agency shot an eco-friendly Sonata Hybrid ad commercial using human power and solar energy while minimizing and managing waste on the set.  Then we created this Flash gadget for Hyundai YouTube channel along with supporting media units - that's when I joined the race. Design was almost ready, copy was not even close to be final, video content was still being edited and we had to launch the Flash microsite in 9 working days. Hard to believe, but we did launch on time, following with the second language version and missing content afterwards. I was working with in-house creative department, external production studio and few other vendors who did an amazing job making things happen on time.

>> View YouTube channel live here.

>> View rich media banner here.

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